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Consecrated Life?

Anglican monks, nuns, sisters, brothers? Do they exist? And in Australia? 

We do indeed exist. We believe God calls us to this way of life - consecrated to God's glory and service. This way is sometimes called by its technical name of "Religious life". (Not to imply that other people don't live by religious values - because they do - or to suggest that our way is "higher" than that of others - because it isn't. It's a matter of the varied ways God has called, and continues to call, people to follow in his service.)   

Welcome to the official website of ACARLA - the Advisory Council for Anglican Religious Life in Australia. 

 "Life in Religion is the ultimate wager on the existence of God. The Church should always be engaged in doing things that make no sense if God does not exist. This is the reason why I hold the Religious life in the highest esteem. Through the commonality of goods, the life of obedience and above all the commitment to shape life around the Opus Dei (that is, prayer), the monastic life models for all Christians what it means to live fully and abundantly, with and for Christ." 

The Most Rev'd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
Foreword to: Anglican Religious Life 2016-17